Blinded girl in the world of light 4

Photography light box
50 x 70 x 2cm

Fascinated by science, in this exhibition, the artworks are results of Ngọc Nâu’s understanding of light, from the perspective of physics, chemistry, astronomy, philosophy and psychology. In order to better understand these abstract theories, Ngọc Nâu creates abstract fictional landscapes – a possible alternate universe. Ngọc Nâu takes us on a journey to that possible planet, where a girl is lost in a world of twinkling stars in ‘Blind girl in the land of light’ – a set of 6 photographic light-boxes. This blind girl stands, walks, and falls down in her own darkness, without being able to see the vibrant light around her. Is this blind girl Ngọc Nâu? Is she searching for light within her, rather than the external world?