Digital painting video
Approximate length 12 hours

In this series ‘frozen data’ exploring the inexplicable mystery of supernatural forces and unconscious worlds, the artist paints her experience of encountering fantastical hybrid animals and unceasingly gazing at magnificent details of nature. Mythical undertones and a playful sense of wonder pervade her intricate collages of original painting, photography, and digital dyes. Each frame is a portal into the whimsical world of the artist’s imagination, intermingled with flashes of personal memories and lyrical narratives, free of logic and reason. As one enters, they immerse into mystifying scenes stretched by an uncanny abstract notion of time, of earth, heaven and hell, gods and goddesses, organisms, animals, and plants… Everything becomes ‘frozen data’, time and matters that keep melting into each other — a vortex that mirrors itself, again and again, an endless cycle of dreaming, entering, exiting, and re-entering the dream.