New acquisitions give various facets of the past of Vietnam

Post Vidai has recently added new works to the collection by artist Dinh Q. Le and veteran war photographer Vo An Khanh. While Vo An Khanh’s photographs ‘Ripping The American Iron Bird’ and ‘Office Of Central Propaganda Department In Mangrove Jungle’ were captured in 1966 and 1971 reflecting the determination under hardship of revolutionary force National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, Dinh Q. Le’s sculptural installation ‘Adrift in Darkness’ is weaved from refugee trauma as the aftermath of Viet Nam War to the people. These acquisitions affirm Post Vidai’s emphasis on historical enrichment by learning it through art and culture. Complex perspectives on history are exposed critically as such declaration of image power.

Produced at STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, Singapore. © STPI / Dinh Q. Lê