Chinese ink and watercolor on paper
25 x 25 cm

These drawings belong to the series of works shown in solo exhibition “Ho®s -Sol”  (Soil – Less®)  by Nadege David. “Ho®s -Sol” refers to the displacement of animals from their soil and their native state of being, transformed into mere objects, functional only in a multitude of categories made up  by mankind. The ®  alludes to this humanised identification and objectification of animals,  and their metamorphosis into merchandised property. The artist retains a childlike stupor and curiosity, and a sense of awe for the beauty of  Nature  –  emotions that have often been forgotten through mankind’s history of exploitation towards other living  species. Inspired  by  the  precision of scientific drawing and Asian aesthetics, her watercolour and ink drawings spontaneously   take shape and evolve organically – like the unpredictable flow of China ink on paper – mimicking the growth of living beings. (Quynh Pham)