Wire V

Metal, glass, motor
Dimensions variable

The wire series originated in 2003, and is based on the structure of the Magic Lantern slide projection work, through a mechanical control to repeatedly adjust the focal length to transform a regular piece of wire mesh into a moving image of a dynamic Chinese landscape (Shanshui); to explore how images change the way we see and imagine the outside world. Every single piece of this series of work provides different angles into this proposition. In Wire V, an episcope (Opaque Projector) is used as the imaging principle. The strong light illuminates the mesh wire and is directed through a large camera lens focusing on the image, which is then projected as an exquisite image. With the rapid development of digital technology, the requirement for image resolution continues to increase, from photography, video equipment to display devices. The format from full HD, 2K, 4K or even 8K in the future, exponentially increases every few years. In addition to the promotion of the commercial market, I am curious about the deeper desires that drive the endless pursuit of reproduction far beyond what the body can sense. Or we just change a way in which to pursue a space that is feasible, hopeful, visitable and livable.