WTC in Four Moments

4 channel video, 6 minutes

WTC in Four Moments is like four seasons, starting from summer, fall and winter and then returning to spring. They correspond to four stages: before, during, and after the clash of the aircraft into the World Trade Center building, and finally in spring a new building image emerged from the ashes. By stretching the photos to 200 meters, Dinh Q. Le blurred out specific images of history. After a shock, images become symbolic; however it is our perception of the event that becomes the most obscure haunting. This September 11th event unfolds in the memory not with the manifest image of an aircraft attacking the WTC, but as an abstract notion. Simply naming the date, one may summon up painful loss and fear of terror. The four-channel video runs along the four photograph rolls with whirring noise that makes viewers seemingly mesmerized by data streams in the digitalized information world. WTC in Four Moments is a poem commemorating a major event in human history, which is soaked in a long, deep, dull voice yet ended with a high note of spring.