Le Quoc Thanh

Born in 1975 in Da Nang, Le Quoc Thanh is a self-taught artist based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He began making art in 1993 and has been working on his craft ever since, consistently producing new work and refining his practice in spite of the fact that his work has rarely been exhibited over the years; ambivalent to the trends and demands of the art market, he is known to stay in his studio day-in day-out, pursuing his artistic vision with exceptional sincerity and dedication. Employing painting and assemblage as his primary media (and often blending the boundaries between the two, as when he incorporates found objects and snippets of text into his paintings), his work possesses a character entirely of its own, drawing not only from traditional art reference points, but also eastern and western mythology and philosophy, the artist’s personal history, and the ubiquitous landscape of globalized material culture.